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Larry Schug

 She saves her hair in a grocery sack—
silken, silver strands,
that once hung to her waist,
coming out now in clumps
with each combing.
She's saving every thread until spring;
she'll scatter it in her yard
for jenny wrens and fat robins
to weave the fibers into nests,
for squirrels and little brown field mice
to pad the beds of spring litters.
Her daughter crochets cotton and wool
into caps of bright colors
to cover her mother’s cold baldness;
but more than that, she weaves a thread
that binds them to each other,
weaves them both deeper
into the fabric of life.

© by Larry Schug.
Used with the author’s permission.

 Larry Schug, after a work life of various kinds of manual labor and learning, is retired—a career he says he was born for. Author of six collections of poetry, he lives with his wife, dog, and three cats near a large tamarack bog in St. Wendel Township, Minnesota.

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lisa honecker:
Larry, great work taking a small part of someone's end of life and weaving an important poem. My Grandmother made those crocheted caps also.
Posted 05/12/2013 04:07 PM
It inspired a smile of memories past and thoughts of the future. Russ
Posted 05/07/2013 11:02 PM
Posted 05/07/2013 06:50 PM
I think 'cold baldness' gives the gentleness of the poem something hard to bounce off of. Well done
Posted 05/07/2013 11:06 AM
Absolutely beautiful. To think of a legacy of ones very own locks intertwined the makings of birds and other little creatures as they enjoy the fine ropes of a human mother. I love this idea. Speaking of leaving a will.
Posted 05/07/2013 09:37 AM
poignant and filled with love.
Posted 05/07/2013 08:43 AM
A well-woven work.
Posted 05/07/2013 08:25 AM
Wow! Very touching!
Posted 05/07/2013 08:19 AM
Beautiful poem, Larry.
Posted 05/07/2013 07:00 AM
Deeply moving...painfully beautiful, having experienced something similar with a dear friend.
Posted 05/07/2013 06:41 AM
So touching.
Posted 05/07/2013 06:07 AM

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