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Just Sayin' . . .
Richard Swanson

Athletic gods, they push and shove and
muscle each other, shoulder to shoulder
while flaunting their biceps then pivot and
rotate, dart and circle, their steps
on the glossy floor a dazzling Nike mosaic.

But between them (torsos and feet)
—can this be?—bags called shorts
that drape staunch butts, cloak fence-post thighs
and shield from view marvels of human knees.
This way, that, swirling, feinting, these hunks,
these bulked up pillars.
So why are they in bloomers, Ellis Island
essentials their women ancestors loathed?
Down the floor they go, break-out action!
Hold your breath: Will the sly guy thief,
who pilfered the ball, get to the basket before
his flag-like bottoms slide to his ankles,
causing a nose-squish slalom?
Here’s a quick reversal, up-court,
slam-dunk time! Wow! But after this high
suspension, as the dunker descends to earth,
air trapped beneath him flap-flaps his
windsock drawers, as it escapes.
Are you watching, listening, Ralph Lauren,
Ferragamo, Anna Wintour, Tom Ford?

Bewildered fans in need of help.
Desperately seeking a fashion intervention.

© by Richard Swanson.
Used with the author’s permission.


Richard Swanson (1940 - 2023) taught college English and Creative Writing for 33 years. A devoted supporter of libraries and poetry, he was the author of two novels and several poetry collections. A resident of Madison, Wisconsin, Richard enjoyed cooking, fishing, and woodworking. He was well-known for his sense of humor, which was often reflected in his writing.

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Donna Pflueger:
I tried to decide which lines I loved best but came to the conclusion, I love the whole thing! A great and humorous poem - you really captured the reality of the situation! Thanks for sharing it.
Posted 03/19/2014 10:40 PM
Sir, you have painted a beautiful picture of a homely fact. It could be worse; they could fashion themselves after the king's new clothes.
Posted 03/19/2014 09:11 AM
ed werstein:
Awesome, Richard.
Posted 03/19/2014 08:50 AM
OH YES, Richard. you have caught the game in words! and I am one that loves the clips of past games because of the short shorts. All other sports are getting risque while Basket ball has gotten frumpy.
Posted 03/19/2014 08:31 AM
Wilda Morris:
LOL, as they say on Facebook.
Posted 03/19/2014 08:27 AM
Daughter and I just shared a good chuckle...we've watched lots of school basket-ball...oh, and that first line, stellar!
Posted 03/19/2014 06:41 AM
Here! Here!
Posted 03/19/2014 04:52 AM

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