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Pink & White
Belinda Veldman


The jasmine climbed the garden wall

To see what lay beyond.

It took a month or maybe more;

The plant was slow, but strong.


And when at last it reached the top

The view was worth the wait –

Such vistas as it never dreamed,

Beyond the garden gate!


It gazed upon the fields of green

It smiled upon the pond

It gasped to see the golden gleam

That touched the hills beyond.


And then it heard a fragrant voice

From somewhere closer by.

A vine with blossoms blushing pink;

With manner sweet and shy.


At once the jasmine was bewitched –

Such beauty it must woo;

It pledged to bridge the dreadful gap

That lay between the two.


And so, across this great divide,

It grew a tendril long.

The days and weeks passed slowly by;

The plant was slow but strong.


And when, one balmy summer’s eve,

The two at last entwined,

The coral vine blushed deeper pink,

The jasmine gave a sigh.


© by Belinda Veldman.
Used with the author’s permission.


Belinda Veldman stays busy being a wife and mother in Perth, Western Australia. A former English teacher, she admits she can’t seem to stay away from books, even though she doesn’t really have time for them at present. Subscribing to YDP (and, occasionally, writing) is Belinda's attempt to keep a literary link in her life.



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Beautiful. It reminds me of the older poetry and rhyming that I love!!
Posted 10/07/2016 07:53 PM
This is the loveliest poem I've read lately--and I read a LOT of poetry! Janice
Posted 10/07/2016 03:38 PM
...the jasmine gave a sigh. Stunning beauty. A truly delightful poem.Thanks Belinda.
Posted 10/07/2016 08:57 AM
Fun from Australia . . .
Posted 10/07/2016 08:48 AM
I love your use of the verb "lay" in this poem. Twice.
Posted 10/07/2016 07:50 AM
I love the lilting meter and rhyme. This reminds me of something the Lake poets might have written.
Posted 10/07/2016 07:48 AM
Larry Schug:
Sometimes I surprise myself at what I like. This not the kind poem that I'd "normally" like, but, for some reason, it strikes the right chord today. I really like the words "it heard a fragrant voice"--wow, that is pure poetry.
Posted 10/07/2016 07:33 AM
How sweet!!
Posted 10/07/2016 06:20 AM

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