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The Aunts
Linda Lee Konichek


Mom had seven sisters. We cousins have always
called them, “The Aunts.” They were at each of
our births, wonder women, who encircled us with
a golden lasso of love that kept us safe.

No matter what we needed, “The Aunts” were there;
they came to coo and fuss over new babies, bring
food and hugs to funerals, attended every milestone.

The Aunts” made each family event a noisy, happy
party, shared jokes, gave lots and lots of advice and—
best of all—brought special presents, wrapped in hugs.

The Aunts” grew up washing dishes and waiting tables
in Grandma’s restaurant; they were bound to help,
took over the work, even in someone else’s kitchen.

The Aunts”’ potluck dishes could win awards at any
county fair; they always brought extra, always helped
serve, and left a spotless kitchen and recipes behind.

As carpenter’s daughters, “The Aunts” could pound a nail,
paint a wall, build a shelf. Working right alongside the men, they
rebuilt the lake cottage, then taught us to swim and bait a hook.

The Aunts” were always good sports, never too proud or too old to
wear the craziest home-made Halloween costumes or to dance the
fastest dance with little kids, or each other, at wedding receptions.

There was no money for “The Aunts” to go to college, so they read
great books, attended seminars, plays, symphonies, honed fine minds,
always asked, “Why?”, searched for truth, lived their creeds.

The Aunts” eagerly shared whatever we brought to them—a wriggly
face-licking puppy, a fistful of wildflowers, a neat rock with fossils,
our best report card, new friends, fresh-picked berries, a fat toad.

Now we’ve become parents, aunts, uncles. Some of “The Aunts” have
passed on, but the golden lasso remains, has expanded to encircle
all those we love. How can we ever live up to their heroic deeds?
They would always expect us to try, so we will…try!

From Celebrating the Heart-land (Jericho Productions (2010).


Linda Lee (Konichek) is a textbook author, entrepreneur, and former teacher who has always loved poetry, horses, and Wisconsin--not necessarily in that order. For more than 30 years, she has raised Morab horses (a cross between Morgans and Arabians) on a 114-acre farm in Eagle, Wisconsin; her poems tend to reflect the every day miracles that surround her there. Learn more about Linda at



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What a terrific set of role models! Thank you for sharing these wonderful ladies with us.
Posted 09/02/2022 12:35 AM
Lori Levy:
What a beautiful tribute to your aunts. They sound so special.
Posted 07/26/2022 07:43 PM
Janet Leahy:
LInda, it is so good to read your poetry again, and this poem is a treasure, all the best.
Posted 07/26/2022 01:15 PM
What a wonderful tribute to a beautiful group of women!
Posted 07/26/2022 12:49 PM
Love this poem, Linda. Of course, I can clearly see the farm.
Posted 07/26/2022 12:13 PM
"Why?" stands out for me and gives me insight to the minds of the aunts. I am 86 and have a wonderful aunt who is 96.
Posted 07/26/2022 09:23 AM
What it must have been like to be surrounded by such love!
Posted 07/26/2022 08:29 AM
Larry Schug:
Would this poem lose its punch if it was written in prose poem form? I don't know--just a first reaction. Love the "golden lasso". I see many parallels with my growing up in this poem. My aunts are all departed but one. She's ninety-four and she still does "auntie" things.
Posted 07/26/2022 07:00 AM

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