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The Unexpected Guest
Carolyn Chilton Casas


On the first day, the lizard meets me
at the front door, but on the wrong side.
After ushering in guests, I return.
By then the lizard is gone.
On the second day, the lizard waits
for me at the bedroom door.
I go to grab the dustpan and broom,
but the lizard has hightailed it out of sight.
I try to enlist my cat to join
the free the lizard movement.
He’s utterly uninterested in my pet project,
wanting only treats and sleep.
On the third day, the lizard scurries
out of the backdoor closet to say a quick hello.
I catch him with the pan, but he high dives
and dashes behind the filing cabinet.
I wait patiently, speak to him gently
in calming tones. Success, at last—
one lucky lizard finally repatriated
to his home in the great out-of-doors.

© by Carolyn Chilton Casas
Used here with permission.


Carolyn Chilton Casas lives on the central coast of California. A Reiki Master and teacher, she often explores ways of healing in her writing. Carolyn's stories and poems have appeared in numerous publications and she is the author of one poetry collection, Our Shared Breath. A new collection, Under the Same Sky, is forthcoming. Carolyn enjoys hiking and beach volleyball; learn more about her on Instagram at mindfulpoet_ .


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"It's been lovely having you, but you really need to be on your way!"
Posted 08/26/2023 02:46 AM
Fun poem! I Hope it was a gecko and not an iguana!
Posted 08/24/2023 01:29 PM
Lori Levy:
Posted 08/24/2023 01:22 PM
My neighbor shared her similar story, hers was with a spider guest, though she did not free it back out to the wild.
Posted 08/24/2023 01:09 PM
Shoshauna Shy:
I echo Wilda, and had to chortle at "pet project"!
Posted 08/24/2023 09:57 AM
Wilda Morris:
Fun! And a reminder to return wild life to the wild!
Posted 08/24/2023 09:49 AM
Excellent light poetry~~humorous, descriptive and entertaining
Posted 08/24/2023 08:44 AM
Darrell Arnold:
Having been an opportunistic lizard catcher my whole life, I enjoyed the activity in this poem. When I was a youth, it was western fence lizards and horned lizards. During my college years, because I was a wildlife biology major, it was not only every kind of lizard I could find, including my favorite, the collard lizard, it was also toads, frogs, skinks, and snakes. Lizards have always been a favorite find, no matter where I've lived --Colorado, Texas, and now Arizona. When I worked for three years as a cashier in the local Dollar General store, I was the designated lizard remover. It was the best part of my job.
Posted 08/24/2023 08:34 AM
Larry Schug:
Quite the story. Nicely told with kindness and humor. Lizards are cool in my limited experience and all animals deserve to be treated with respect
Posted 08/24/2023 08:31 AM

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