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Michael Jones


I get slow and I get weary, wondering just which way to go.
Life gets cold and life gets scary; bad news on the radio
Telling me we‘ve got no future, telling me we just can’t cope.
Just one thing that keeps me going, just one thing that gives me hope.
See the birds up in the blue sky, watch the wild deer running free,
See the fish that swim the ocean, hear a haunting melody.
A miracle is there before you—all the wonders of the world.
Mountains high and forest splendor—the tapestry of life unfurled.
Peace and beauty all around you; all you need to do is look.
Love and kindness, they surround you, like a story from a book.
All of life is pure and sacred, made to live in harmony,
Then to live in peace and freedom, part of life’s great mystery.
When you look on His creation, see the beauty of His love,
Feel joy and kindness and elation, give your thanks to the Lord above.
Put your faith in He who made you, praise the Lord in all you do.
Live your life in joy and wonder, safe within His love so true.

© by Michael Jones.
Used here with the author’s permission.

Michael Jones lives in Finchley, a suburb of London, England. He originally focused on writing song lyrics, but has turned to poetry in recent years. Retired after a diverse career in sales and marketing, Mike’s latest hobby is learning to play the ukulele.


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Yes! Even a few minutes of watching the squirrels in my backyard helps me see the bigger picture.
Posted 11/23/2023 10:13 AM
What a wonderful, vividly descriptive inspirational, reverent poem! I love it.
Posted 11/21/2023 10:02 PM
Glenda Beall:
I work hard at keeping positive and feeling hopeful for the future. We have come through worse conditions, and we will again. Great poem.
Posted 11/21/2023 09:55 PM
Well done! We need all the hope that we can conjure up these days.
Posted 11/21/2023 07:45 PM
Nicely done, Michael!
Posted 11/21/2023 05:34 PM
Wilda Morris:
A beautiful poem, Michael! Thank you.
Posted 11/21/2023 04:21 PM
Lori Levy:
Gives me hope.
Posted 11/21/2023 02:19 PM
Thanks for your poem, Michael, which rhythmically leads us to notice and find peace in creation and to honor our Creator.
Posted 11/21/2023 11:51 AM
Darrell, love your comment and Michael, love this poem!!!
Posted 11/21/2023 11:24 AM
I have known Michael for some years now and and for most of that time I knew him as a frustrated poet and writer, who found it difficult to put pen to paper and to express all his thoughts and creativity. Suddenly, the walls gave way, and now I see the richness of his humour and his deeper thoughts and creativity. I am very proud to call him my best friend.
Posted 11/21/2023 10:41 AM
Michael, this poem is a song from the heart and needs to be sung to this world!
Posted 11/21/2023 10:34 AM
This should headline the New York Times!! Thank you, Michael.
Posted 11/21/2023 09:59 AM
Darrell Arnold:
Amen, Kevin. And there's nothing wrong with a throwback to what poetry used to be, before it became trendy to not have to put in the work to make poems rhyme in metered phrases. And Amen to Michael. Every stanza is terrific. This is how our world should me, and still can be if we avoid the clatter and the clutter.
Posted 11/21/2023 08:38 AM
This poem, which, with its rhyme and meter, cuts against much of whats considered au courant in todays poetry, knocks my socks off. Jayne should be praised for finding an appropriate place for this exciting work. Many will consider this a throwback to what poetry used to be but all I see is a stunning, reverential work of art.
Posted 11/21/2023 07:50 AM
Joan Luther:
Very inspiring.. The tapestry of life
Posted 11/21/2023 06:47 AM

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