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The Socks Say It All
Jane H. Fitzgerald


Being a former teacher, I tend to
evaluate situations with grades.
I always considered myself an A-,
certainly at least a B+, in Neatness,
but not compared to my husband.
Socks come to mind.
They take every opportunity to escape,
especially from the dreaded dryer.
My sock drawer represents diversity;
There are a lot of mixed couples.
Somehow, my husband is a sock dictator.
They donít dare run away from him.
His socks are calling to me,
Sending a strong message.
Here we are neatly arranged in a row,
All folded perfectly in the drawer,
As orderly as we can get.
My socks across the room are screaming,
We are in a jumbled mess!
Only a few pairs put together;
Some of us are spilling out of the drawer.
Whatís the matter with this situation?
Seriously, we beseech you!
You, who inhabit the same house:
Will you ever make a matched pair?

© by Jane H. Fitzgerald.
Used with the author's permission.

Jane H. Fitzgerald lives in Jupiter, Florida. A retired middle school history teacher, she’s a big believer in experiential learning and once developed a hands-on, role-playing curriculum for the American Colonial period. Jane loves interacting with children but has also taught English to adult Hispanic immigrants. The author of four books of poetry, her work has been featured in numerous journals. She hopes her words will foster understanding among diverse groups of people.





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What fun! All of my socks are the same, so no matching requiredif one is missing, I'll never know! My husband's socks, thoughgood thing he has someone (not me) who does his laundry and does the matching!
Posted 12/06/2023 12:19 AM
Great fun and so true about socks and different organization methods with a partner. Thanks for bringing a smile to my lips.
Posted 12/04/2023 05:21 PM
Lori Levy:
Funny and true. Amazing how socks always disappear in the dryer.
Posted 12/04/2023 02:03 PM
Ever heard of sock gremlins? They prefer your socks, so they don't mess with your husband's!
Posted 12/04/2023 11:38 AM
I avoid my sock drawer to the best of my ability.
Posted 12/04/2023 09:46 AM
❤️💕loved this and LOVE CRAZY SOCKS ! Sent a photo tonJayne .. hope she can forward to you .
Posted 12/04/2023 08:49 AM
Joan Luther:
Very relatable and fun poem!
Posted 12/04/2023 06:33 AM

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