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To Be Superior
D. H. Lawrence


How nice it is to be superior!
Because really, it's no use pretending, one is superior, isn't one?
I mean people like you and me.--

Quite! I quite agree.
The trouble is, everybody thinks they're just as superior
as we are; just as superior.--

That's what's so boring! people are so boring.
But they can't really think it, do you think?
At the bottom, they must know we are really superior
don't you think?
dont you think, really, they know we're their superiors?--

I couldn't say.
I've never got to the bottom of superiority.
I should like to.

This poem is in the public domain.


David Herbert Richards Lawrence (1885 – 1930) was an English novelist, poet, essayist, critic, playwright, and painter. The son of a miner and a school teacher, Bert (as he was called) grew up in extreme poverty and suffered from poor health. Although he loved to read, he was not a particularly good student. He did, however, manage to win a high school scholarship and became a teacher before success as a writer allowed him to pursue that career fulltime. Accused more than once of spying for the Germans, Bert eventually left his home country to travel the world with his wife. The Lawrences intended to settle in America, but problems with his health forced them to return to Europe; Lawrence died in France at the age of 45. A prolific writer who produced work in multiple genres, Lawrence is best known as a novelist, although he wrote more than 800 poems and was considered an extremely gifted travel writer. Public opinion during his lifetime and even till today paints him as either utterly profane and depraved or as a brilliant and creative genius.

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Phyllis Beckman:
All of those qualities are present in the work of Lawrence: profanity, depravity, brilliance, creativity (all the gifts/curses of genius)...and, in my opinion, he respected all of his gifts, took responsibility for them, and shared them with all of us. Thank you, Daily Poem site, for your wondrous daily presence.
Posted 01/30/2011 08:39 AM
The courts ruled against his profanity - maybe he'd seek a superior court to judge his genius.
Posted 01/30/2011 07:11 AM

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