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Listen to Your Mama
Marilyn Zelke Windau

When ocean mama wave sends
her little droplets out to play,
she warns them to stay away
from boats, trawlers, cruisers.
You may visit the sailing ships,
the ones that follow the winds
as we do, the ones that calmly go
in time with us, our currents,
our moon pulls.
They are safe.
Those others with their motors—
they will churn you,
turn you to foam,
make you white with fear,
toss you into the air,
the air which can evaporate you.
No smelling salts can save you then.
Listen to your mama,
you wet behind the ears droplets.
I don’t want to lose you.
Be home for supper.
We’re having hydrogen oxygen casserole
© by Marilyn Zelke-Windau.
Used with the author’s permission.

Marilyn Zelke Windau lives in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin with her husband and year old golden retriever. Recently retired from many years of teaching art to elementary school children, she enjoys her newly free hours to write, garden, and paint. Her poems have appeared in several publications including Verse Wisconsin, Seems, Fox Cry, and Stoneboat. She is a member of the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets.

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What a fun poem. Delightful language. I bet your students loved you--such playfulness in your art.
Posted 05/01/2013 09:52 PM
Betty Smith:
Betty Smith Delightful....Original....
Posted 05/01/2013 10:47 AM
It is an awareness not to forget the admonishings learned from the home base and that you will always be welcomed on your return, "to know where you have come from for the first time." Very nice indeed. Forever changing, forever solid.
Posted 05/01/2013 10:39 AM
Joe Sottile:
Good one!
Posted 05/01/2013 10:22 AM
Linda Muldoon:
Love the playful dry wit. Wonderful way to start the first of May morning (rather like the surprise may baskets of long ago. Thanks.
Posted 05/01/2013 09:50 AM
Just got back from walking the shore of Lake Michigan and can't think of a better way to start my day than with that hike and this poem! Thank you, Marilyn.
Posted 05/01/2013 08:20 AM
Janet Leahy:
The language in this poem is delightful, thanks Marilyn
Posted 05/01/2013 07:57 AM
Love the lines, "they will churn you,/turn you to foam." Thanks, Marilyn!
Posted 05/01/2013 07:14 AM
ed werstein:
Good one, Marilyn!
Posted 05/01/2013 07:02 AM
I love it. The way you take on the life of a droplet of water is sooo cool. At the same time we're reminded of what polution does to the water. Great writing!
Posted 05/01/2013 06:49 AM
Larry Schug:
Ocean Mama is everybody's mama; be good to her and all her children. This is a five-star poem!
Posted 05/01/2013 06:37 AM
What fun! You have such a way with extended comparison.
Posted 05/01/2013 06:02 AM
Jean D:
What a Delightful poem! Brought a smile and a chuckle to my early morning rise. Her play on words has me reading it over & over. Jean :D
Posted 05/01/2013 05:38 AM
Maryann Hurtt:
I love how Marilyn's mind never fails to make me see things brand new.
Posted 05/01/2013 05:30 AM
Love that Ocean Mama has droplets for children!
Posted 05/01/2013 04:19 AM

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