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Tamara Madison


Fragole, fresas, klubniki, fraises –

is there a term that names them better

than strawberry?  I think of sunshine

and straw hats, picnics, boating parties,

a barber shop quartet, home-made

ice cream, grainy and sweet, everything


warm, wholesome, innocent, old fashioned.  

Near my house there’s a strawberry field

that begins its work in spring, the stray seeds

emerging unbidden in neighboring gardens,

on walkways, from cracks in the sidewalk,

the clean white petals yielding pale-green


hearts that swell, redden, and fill

with so much happiness to give in their sweet-tart

flesh, their fertile seeds that linger in your teeth

and remind you of a gentle time only moments

ago when you tasted the essence of summer

on your joyful tongue.


© by Tamara Madison.
Used with the author’s permission.


Tamara Madison teaches English and French at a public high school in Los Angeles. Raised on a citrus farm in the California desert, Tamara's life has taken her many places, including Europe and the former Soviet Union, where she spent 15 months in the 1970s). A swimmer and dog lover, Tamara says, "All I ever wanted to do with my life was write, and I mostly write poetry because it suits my lifestyle; I like the way one can say so much in the economical space of a poem."


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The power of suggestion of strawberries.
Posted 06/06/2013 05:45 PM
I enjoyed reading it today and I want strawberries. Oh summer and berries, remember ours.
Posted 06/04/2013 09:20 PM
Joe Sottile:
You made me hungry for strawberries! Bravo!
Posted 06/04/2013 07:36 PM
Larry Schug:
You've captured the essence of strawberries, with words, Tamara. This poem has what I call the magic ingredient of good poetry- texture. I can eat this poem with all my senses.
Posted 06/04/2013 07:56 AM
Wilda Morris:
I just washed some strawberries for breakfast! I love the poem, too!
Posted 06/04/2013 07:32 AM
Janet Leahy:
Your poem makes my mouth water for the taste of strawberries. Love the season and the poem, thanks.
Posted 06/04/2013 06:17 AM

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