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Oh! the Sickening Sensation!
W. M. MacKeracher


     Oh! the sickening sensation!—    
     Oh! the burning agitation
          In my soul!
     Oh! the awful desolation
          Of my soul!
     And my breast is sore with sighing,
     Comfort to myself denying
Comfort and relief denying to my soul distrest and sore;
               While that worst of all diseases
               With a pain that naught appeases
                    Ever burns
               While a pain that grimly pleases
                    Alway burns,
               Kindled by thy bright eye's beaming,
               By thy brilliant, blue eye's beaming,
          When I saw thee, saw and loved thee on that fatal eve of yore;
               And anon it has been living,
               And a blissful sadness giving
                    While with thee,
               Mingled bliss and sadness giving
                    While with thee,
               But, ah! now its woful waging,
               Laying waste with cruel raging
          This my heart, as with a vulture gnawing at its very core!
               Would kind angels waft me to thee!
     Waft me for one moment to thee!
     Let me gaze one moment on thee!
     But one blissful moment on thee!
Satisfy this languid longing for the one whom I adore!
Oh! to quench this lethal longing for the one whom I adore!

This poem is in the public domain.

William Mackay MacKeracher (1871-1913) was a Canadian poet. He composed his first poem at the age of twelve, was valedictorian of his college class at McGill University, and was a founding editor of that school's literary publication.




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Cadence and rhyme reminiscent of Poe's "The Raven."
Posted 02/05/2020 01:27 PM
Love ain't all it's cracked up to be!!! Great poem, I agree, to read aloud!!
Posted 02/05/2020 10:57 AM
michael escoubas:
This poem reminds me of Marianne Moore's style of sophisticated lineage (syllable counts). If you look carefully, Mr. MacKeracher has crafted a superb poem not only in message but with corresponding lines scanning perfectly. And his rhyme-scheme is a total delight! Can you spell "masterpiece"?
Posted 02/05/2020 10:42 AM
It must be read aloud! Ain't love grand?
Posted 02/05/2020 09:06 AM
Larry Schug:
There is pleasure in reading this aloud, especially the four lines toward the end that end with "thee". Maybe we oughta bring back "thee" and thou" to everyday language!
Posted 02/05/2020 06:53 AM

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