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Christmas Presence
Alessandra Foster


Hooray!  He’s here!
All seven bigger-than-life feet of him
lit up, grinning and waving.
My dog and I can relax,
enjoy our solitary evening walk
in December dark and cold:
a neighbor’s inflatable snowman
is looking out for us.
Strange about anxiety and fear,
how they swell or subside
on simple things sometimes.
What protection
could this snowman provide?
Yet with him here,
the whole street
seems cheerful and safe.
I walk taller, more slowly,
with less anxiety,
more confidence,
humming carols,
gazing at stars,
forgiving my dog for pulling.
When I look at the snowman
no matter my mood
I have to smile, silently thanking
his unknown-to-me family
for their generous gift
of comfort and joy.

© by Alessandra Foster.
Used with the author's permission.


Alessandra Foster is a native New Yorker who has lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the past 25 years. A life-long and long-lived reader and writer of poetry, she is a fan of TCM and Hallmark movies, has been a vegan for forty years, and is the grateful companion of a sweet-tempered chihuahua-terrier named Diamond.



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A nice way to create neighborhood connection!
Posted 12/11/2021 03:53 PM
beautiful! so much more than the words lies beneath.
Posted 05/01/2021 10:00 PM
Bravo Alessandra. So lovely to see you and your work out in the great big world!
Posted 12/08/2020 04:49 AM
Descriptive, delightful poem. Yes, lawn decorations, especially the huge ones for Christmas, can brighten one's day!
Posted 12/05/2020 09:22 PM
Lori Levy:
I like the warmth and hope in this poem.
Posted 12/04/2020 02:35 PM
What a heart-warming piece. I love Christmas decorations, too. This year we bought a goose, and have him, named Trevor, dressed in his Santa suit. God Bless Everyone!
Posted 12/04/2020 02:06 PM
How fun! One of our neighbors has a large inflatable dragon as part of their Halloween display, which comes out again in December with a Santa hat. I laugh every time I see it, even after all these years!
Posted 12/04/2020 12:39 PM
It is a pleasure to read this. I found gems of sound and imagery here set on a familiar-seeming Wisconsin street. Thank you.
Posted 12/04/2020 09:07 AM
michael escoubas:
Along with Diamond, this poem twinkles with winsome wisdom that expresses the season's happiness. Nice writing, Alessandra!
Posted 12/04/2020 08:49 AM
Very nice. Brought a smile to my face. Randy
Posted 12/04/2020 07:21 AM
I loved reading this! Brought such feelings of relief and simple joy
Posted 12/04/2020 12:31 AM

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