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William Henry Dawson


Have you ever wished when fretting
     ’Bout the chilly air of spring,
When the days are longer getting
     And the frogs begin to sing,
Have you ever wished that you could
     Just change places with the frog -
Let him shoulder all your trouble
     And then leave you on the log,
In the middle of the mill-pond,
     Nothing in the world to do?
Have you wished you could change places,
     You be frog and frog be you?
He don’t fret ‘bout rainy weather;
     If the sun shines he don’t cry;
He just takes it all together;
     Happy wet and happy dry.

This poem is in the public domain.

Despite extensive research, we have been unable to find biographical information about William Henry Dawson (1865 - 1928) other than publication of several books. If you have information about this poet, please contact us.




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I love this whimsical ditty! Actually, now that I am retired from 35 years as a nurse, feel kind of like a frog! Stress gone, few worries, just sitting on my log all day! Hmmmm....Olivia Flewelling, RN. Sounds right.
Posted 05/26/2021 09:09 AM
New career goal: Be a frog! Thank you for this fun poem, Jayne!
Posted 05/23/2021 06:49 PM
Darrell Arnold:
While the diverted mill wheel water was doing it's job, the rest of the water would be slowed down and quiet, like water behind a beaver dam. A log floating there would be a good place for a frog to sit and enjoy sun or rain. He might see a turtle or a fish, and he might catch a dragonfly passing by.
Posted 05/23/2021 05:52 PM
Darrell Arnold:
I don't believe a mill-pond is where logs float before entering the mill for cutting. Logs for cutting would be jammed together tightly and would not be ideal frog habitat. Rather, a mill-pond would be a dammed-up stream that backed up the water and diverted it to the waterwheel that turned the mill for grinding grains. The force of the concentrated stream would have more power and would be controlled to turn the waterwheel at a particular pace that would be ideal for turning the mill wheel.
Posted 05/23/2021 05:48 PM
Janet Leahy:
Wonderful rhythm in this poem, and fun to read it aloud.
Posted 05/23/2021 12:30 PM
Ah to be Happy wet and happy dry.
Posted 05/23/2021 09:54 AM

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