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Summer Magic
Leslie Pinckney Hill


So many cares to vex the day,
  So many fears to haunt the night,
My heart was all but weaned away
  From every lure of old delight.
Then summer came, announced by June,
  With beauty, miracle and mirth.
She hung aloft the rounding moon,
  She poured her sunshine on the earth,
She drove the sap and broke the bud,
  She set the crimson rose afire.
She stirred again my sullen blood,
  And waked in me a new desire.
Before my cottage door she spread
  The softest carpet nature weaves,
And deftly arched above my head
  A canopy of shady leaves.
Her nights were dreams of jeweled skies,
  Her days were bowers rife with song,
And many a scheme did she devise
  To heal the hurt and soothe the wrong.
For on the hill or in the dell,
  Or where the brook went leaping by
Or where the fields would surge and swell
  With golden wheat or bearded rye,
I felt her heart against my own,
  I breathed the sweetness of her breath,
Till all the cark of time had flown,
  And I was lord of life and death.

This poem is In the public domain.

Leslie Pinckney Hill (1880 - 1960) was born in Virginia, the son of a former slave. His family moved to New Jersey when he was a teenager; Leslie's academic prowess allowed him to skip his junior year and be accepted into Harvard University. Acquiring both a bachelor's and master's degree (cum laude!), he taught and served as a principal before founding a camp for underprivileged children. A gifted musician as well as a successful poet and playwright, Leslie worked tirelessly throughout his life to promote education and equality.


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Absolutely beautiful!
Posted 06/21/2021 03:41 PM
Wilda Morris:
Thank you for introducing me to Hill. This is a lovely poem.
Posted 06/21/2021 12:20 PM
This is beautiful!!!
Posted 06/21/2021 12:01 PM
Janet Leahy:
Wonderful rhythm in this poem, I love this line "deftly arched above my head" now my challenge will be to use the word deftly in a poem. What admirable goals to promote education and equality. Thanks Jayne for introducing me to Leslie Pinckney Hill.
Posted 06/21/2021 11:56 AM
I like She drove the sap and broke the bud,
Posted 06/21/2021 10:36 AM
Posted 06/21/2021 10:20 AM
Darrell Arnold:
I can't get enough of these old school poets. Beautiful imagery. Beautiful rhyming. This is one I'll save.
Posted 06/21/2021 08:59 AM
Larry Schug:
I'm in love with June, too! It would be interesting to hang around with Hill for a day--if I could keep up.
Posted 06/21/2021 06:33 AM

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