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Fannie Isabelle Sherrick


  I wonder what they are,
 These pretty, wayward things,
That o'er the gloomy earth
  The wind of heaven flings.

  Each one a tiny star,
 And each a perfect gem;
What magic in the art
  That thus has fashioned them.

  What beauty in the flake
 That falls upon my hand;
And yet this tiny thing
  My will cannot command.

  No two are just alike,
 And yet they are the same;
I wonder if my thought
  Could give to each a name.

  Unlike the fragile flowers
 That love the sun's warm rays,
These snow-flakes love the cold,
  And die on sunny days!

  So dainty and so pure,
 How beautiful they are;
And yet the slightest touch
  Their purity may mar.

  They must be gazed upon,
 Not handled or caressed;
And thus we hold afar
  The things we love the best.

This poem is in the public domain.

Fannie Isabelle Sherrick was born in St. Louis, Missouri, but she also spent time in California and Colorado.  She actively wrote and published her poetry during the 1860s-1880s, and considered Ella Wheeler Wilcox a strong influence on her work. Health issues occasionally interfered with Fannie's ability to write.



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Beautiful images and language! Thank you for introducing this "new" poet, Jayne!
Posted 05/15/2023 08:40 PM
Janice Galt:
So appreciate this. We are missing our usual snow cover, here in northeastern Wisconsin. Cold, grey, no snow for play!
Posted 01/13/2023 05:24 PM
A wonderful look at snow from the eyes and soul of this poet. Great poem! Thanks for finding this, Jayne.
Posted 01/13/2023 11:41 AM
Wilda Morris:
What a beautiful poem - from an almost forgotten poet.
Posted 01/13/2023 10:36 AM
Great find, Jayne. Fannie's end-rhyme, line cadence, and wisdom really standout in this poem.
Posted 01/13/2023 09:39 AM
That last line would be a great start to a fiction novel about Fannie Isabelle Sherrick!
Posted 01/13/2023 09:15 AM
Darrell Arnold:
I am so pleased that you found this poem. It is masterfully constructed and brilliantly conceived. Truly lovely images. I actually hate snow, having spent most of my life where it dominates the winters, but this beautiful poem, for the moment at least, softens my feelings toward it.
Posted 01/13/2023 08:35 AM
I like No two are just alike, And yet they are the same;
Posted 01/13/2023 08:14 AM
Larry Schug:
"I wonder what they are"-this poem opens with a "scientific" question, but where science leaves off, poetry takes over.
Posted 01/13/2023 07:37 AM
Joan Luther:
What a dance of wonder in this! The ending is intriguing. Thx Jayne! If you find out more about the author, Id love to hear!
Posted 01/13/2023 07:15 AM

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