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Suddenly It's September
Kevin Arnold


Since June, each day’s shorter than the day before.
You’ve watched squirrels squirrel their nuts away—
here comes winter, when getting up becomes a chore.

You can’t take your quick dip in the pool anymore
or sport bright Hawaiian shirts, even on a Saturday—
Each day’s a few minutes shorter than the day before.

Before you know it, snow will be right outside your door,
with summer fading and today shorter than yesterday—
here comes winter, when getting up becomes a chore.

Winter demands persistence summer never called for—
dressing in the dark, you are filled with dismay
noting, since June, that each day’s shorter than before.

Reclaim your cords and parkas from the cellar drawer
as you put memories of summer’s halcyon days away.
Winter gets so old that just getting out of bed’s a chore.

Forethought and preparation are what you’re looking for
when you plan for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.
Since June, with every day being shorter than before,
here comes winter, when getting up becomes a chore.

© by Kevin Arnold.
Used with the author’s permission.


Kevin Arnold holds an MFA in Creative Writing from San Jose State University. His newest book is Do Not Think Badly of Me (Manzanita Writers Press). Kevin was named "Writer of the Year" by the California Writer's Club. He lives in the San Francisco Bay area, where he enjoys enjoys skiing, horses, competitive tennis, and duplicate bridge. Learn more about him at




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Really good villanelle. I enjoyed it very much.
Posted 09/09/2023 10:53 PM
Lori Levy:
Great villanelle!
Posted 09/05/2023 06:36 PM
This is amazing! Also, for some of us, winter is our preferred seasonI can't wait!
Posted 09/05/2023 05:14 PM
Wilda Morris:
What an excellent villanelle! If I hadn't gotten locked out of my blog, I'd be asking for permission to use it!
Posted 09/05/2023 09:54 AM
I didn't know what a villanelle was and when I first read it I thought, "with all the great words in the world, why did you have to remind me in every stanza that getting up is a chore?" Then I googled villanelle and found out that it was your (self-) assignment to do so, and now I say, "Great job!!!"
Posted 09/05/2023 08:44 AM
Larry Schug:
Indeed, winter is on its way, but I'm going to hang on yo summer as long as I can. It was 94 degrees yesterday and the garden is still loaded with tomatoes. Nice poem, Kevin. Perhaps more realistic than my frame of mind.
Posted 09/05/2023 08:28 AM
Ron Stewart:
A very nice villanelle. Well done!
Posted 09/05/2023 08:21 AM
Darrell Arnold:
I noticed the approach of fall while on a walk with my dogs. A gust of wind came up and the cottonwood leaves rattled loudly. No more "rustling" of damp, pliant leaves. Now the are drying and dying, and rattling.
Posted 09/05/2023 08:20 AM
Clever! I must try it.
Posted 09/05/2023 05:55 AM

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