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When Yellow
Jennie Pollard


The sun of early spring melts
the last coldness from the ground as
yellow colts-foot rise along dirt roads,
before daffodils, before soft
fingers of tulips and fields
buzzing with dandelions.
It is the season of yellow.
Pansy faces speak from pots,
owls watch from trees wide-eyed,
finches turn as yellow as swallowtails
filling even the air. After yellow
everything is possible.

This poem first appeared in the InterTown Record (Sutton, New Hampshire)
Used here with permission.

Jennie Pollard has lived in Illinois, Arizona, Hawaii, California, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas and, now, rural Vermont. She has a husband, three sons, five grandchildren, a dog, a cat, and chickens. Jennie’s writing typically revolves around what she sees around her and she believes nature is a key way for us to all connect.



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Alarie Tennille:
Lovely, Jennie, especially the final line. Your poem accompanied our first daffodils now cheering our kitchen.
Posted 03/06/2024 01:55 AM
Such an appealing poem~~especially the end lines!
Posted 03/05/2024 11:26 PM
Joan Luther:
Soft fingers of tulips.lovely spring moments!
Posted 03/05/2024 10:01 PM
An eyeopener. I will be looking for all the yellow.
Posted 03/05/2024 12:43 PM
Lori Levy:
Love all this yellow. Great poem!
Posted 03/05/2024 12:21 PM
Wilda Morris:
Yes, the season of yellow!
Posted 03/05/2024 12:13 PM
Spring is daffodils!
Posted 03/05/2024 11:56 AM
Larry Schug:
I agree with the other comments. What a poem! The ending shows great insight.
Posted 03/05/2024 11:34 AM
I love all the yellows! Such an upbeat, hopeful poem!
Posted 03/05/2024 10:03 AM
Thank you for reminding me that "everything is possible."
Posted 03/05/2024 08:05 AM
Gilbert Allen:
A charming poem celebrating March.
Posted 03/05/2024 07:01 AM

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