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Copper-Winged Dragonfly
Tamara Madison


In the body of a copper-winged dragonfly
a Tiffany lampshade comes to life in my garden. †
Tail a dark rust, she lands on an arm of the geranium.

Close up I see the fair down on her thorax,
the wide, red head with two white dots on back --
are they eyes? She allows me to inspect

the marvel of her body, and I feel like a suitor,
leaning forward in my chair to ask the dragonfly
about her life, about other gardens she has seen.

She flies away on russet wings laced
with delicate panes, up and over the red brick
wall, to join the abundant beauty of the world.

© by Tamara Madison.
Used with the authorís permission.

Tamara Madison is a swimmer, dog lover, grandmother, and retired teacher of English and French. She is a native of the California desert, and the author of two chapbooks of poetry and three full-length manuscripts--Morpheus Dips His Oar being the latest. Learn more about Tamara

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Really beautiful, Tamara. I will look for Tiffany lampshades now whenever I see a dragonfly.
Posted 03/07/2024 12:05 AM
Beautiful. So closely observed I feel I could paint a picture using Tamaras words.
Posted 03/06/2024 07:51 PM
barbara eknoian:
Tamara is a top-notch poet observing the natural world.
Posted 03/06/2024 07:43 PM
I like the combination of common but very different thingsthe dragonfly and lamp. Its interesting that you carry the image throughout the poem. Very nice.
Posted 03/06/2024 06:12 PM
Wilda Morris:
A lovely poem!
Posted 03/06/2024 04:32 PM
Lori Levy:
Beautiful poem, full of color.
Posted 03/06/2024 12:25 PM
I'll be reminded of this poem at each dragon fly I see, another tiffany lampshade.
Posted 03/06/2024 12:05 PM
You've captured the beauty of the insect world, the small world, so gracefully and vividly in your poem, Tamara!
Posted 03/06/2024 10:23 AM
Sharon Waller Knutson:
I am a fan of Tamara Madison. I especially fell in love with the colorful imagery in this poem from the title to the last line. I can see the "copper-winged dragonfly: a Tiffany lampshade' come to life with a "rust tail" and "russet wings."
Posted 03/06/2024 08:53 AM
Now THIS is a poem! Thank you Tamara for a lovely bit of insight and connection on this dreary day.
Posted 03/06/2024 08:34 AM
Larry Schug:
Thank you, Tamara, for delighting me this morning with "Copper-Winged Dragonfly". I love how somehow the biology in this poem connects with the its art and magic.
Posted 03/06/2024 07:53 AM

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