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Garden Club
Jayne Jaudon Ferrer


My garden, in winter,
is a haggard horde of has-beens,
a dreary ensemble of faded beauties
whose features bear no witness
to glory days gone by.
The Canterbury Bells,
their fragile cups and saucers
tipped in effusive toasts all summer long,
billow in the breeze no more.
Majestic Cleome’s graceful neck and
violet crown lie bent, dethroned.
And there slumps poor Lily;
preening like a cheeky schoolgirl with
petals round and rouged,
she dipped and danced and pranced
till she fair expired.
But wait! Is that Lady Aster
languorously lifting her scarlet head?
And Daisy, shy thing, peeking up
like a nervous virgin?
Iris, my bearded lady!
How fresh and lovely you look!
Why, suddenly it seems the whole coterie’s here…
yes, there’s Pansy...and Primrose...
oh! spring must be near!

© by Jayne Jaudon Ferrer.
Used with the author's permission.

Jayne Jaudon Ferrer is the author of five books of poetry, a nonfiction book about games, and a novel, Hayley and the Hot Flashes. Jayne created in 2009 to share the pleasure and diversity of poetry. A former copywriter, magazine editor, newspaper columnist, and freelance journalist, her work has appeared in hundreds of publications. When not writing or reading, Jayne enjoys music, old movies, gardening, hiking, and good conversation. A native Floridian, she has lived in Greenville, South Carolina, for almost 30 years. Learn more about her at




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Wonderful images, Jayne! Thank you for this floral inspiration!
Posted 03/15/2024 10:13 AM
Wilda Morris:
What a rich and beautiful poem. Great language. Wonderful pictures.
Posted 03/14/2024 09:30 AM
Discovered daffodils open to the sun today! My mother called them birdies' telephones... Jayne, your poem gives hope! Thank you! Marilyn Z.Windau
Posted 03/13/2024 04:58 PM
Delightful, Jayne. I would love to see your garden. We see the tips of daffodils, irisvery tine but pushing through Your poem is ful of joy.
Posted 03/13/2024 12:14 AM
Love this beautiful garden boutique!
Posted 03/12/2024 05:30 PM
Lori Levy:
The "faded beauties" made me think of aging. I loved how everything came back to life and beauty and color by the end of the poem. Very imaginative.
Posted 03/12/2024 01:38 PM
Arlene Gay Levine:
So much beauty, fun and talent growing in the fertile soil of this garden. Well done, Jayne!
Posted 03/12/2024 12:00 PM
Leslie Hodge:
Love the personifications!
Posted 03/12/2024 11:14 AM
Looking forward to seeing these ladies appear in my area!
Posted 03/12/2024 10:32 AM
A poem of hope closer than we think, the familiar has-beens suddenly changed, rouged, and lovely. May spring's renewal find us all! Thank you, Jayne!
Posted 03/12/2024 10:05 AM
Sharon Waller Knutson:
Jayne you brought cheer and delight to my dreary day with this funny word photo of almost spring. I love how you turned Lily, Aster, Daisy, Pansy and Primrose into ladies I recognize. Especially "poor Lily; preening like a cheeky schoolgirl with petals round and rouged, she dipped and danced and pranced till she fair expired."
Posted 03/12/2024 09:45 AM
michael escoubas:
Wonderful tribute to the season, Jayne, full of luscious images, so close one can almost touch them.
Posted 03/12/2024 09:06 AM
Darrell Arnold:
I love this poem. My wife is a terrific gardener, and, by mid-summer, our back yard is an explosion of colorful flowers of every kind. In the bleakness of winter, I look at that same yard and wonder, will this ever be beautiful again? But, with a lot of TLC, it ALWAYS comes back to glory.
Posted 03/12/2024 08:55 AM
Beautiful personification enhanced by subtle alliteration. Good poem.
Posted 03/12/2024 08:45 AM
Loved thehaggard horde of has beens line ( probably because my house plant garden is nearing that stage) .. but also the image of ladies.. they do each have a personality. Just beautiful imagery Jayne .. fills me with hope
Posted 03/12/2024 08:38 AM
Larry Schug:
I look forward to the time all the ladies grace our garden, shy Daisy especially. Nice work, as usual, Jayne.
Posted 03/12/2024 08:06 AM

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