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Abed Today
J. A. Wagner


I think today I shall not stir,
all my musts I shall defer,
nothing needful need occur,
my mind and heart for once concur,
nothing today shall cause distress,
I doubt that I shall even dress,
I’ll account it all a great success
if I should for a day the world suppress;
just for today I’ve but one need--
to be from all my troubles freed--
I think for today I shall secede,
I shall remain in bed and read.

© by J.A. Wagner
Used here with the author’s permission.

Photo Credit: Niki Oulette

J.A. (John) Wagner holds a Ph.D. in history from Arizona State University and has taught classes in British and American history at Arizona State and Phoenix College. A retired editor, he has published a dozen reference works in English and European history. He splits his time between Wisconsin and Arizona.


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Lori Levy:
"I shall remain in bed and read." Sounds great!
Posted 04/24/2024 03:47 PM
What a great poem with great rhythm, rhyme and humor. Randy Mazie
Posted 04/24/2024 12:35 PM
Great rhythm and rhyme and affirmation of how youll spend your day. Ive recently been randomly giving myself what I call Sabbath days. Its a day of slowing down, luxuriating with simple things while closing the doors and windows of my todo list.
Posted 04/24/2024 12:23 PM
Been there done that! Makes me want to go back to bed to reconsider my day. Reading a good book now so it's tempting! Thank you JA.
Posted 04/24/2024 11:45 AM
Posted 04/24/2024 11:36 AM
Tom Sharpe:
My wifes life. Shes worked hard and earned the right to read in bed. I got too many hay burning dependents and kids to put into the learning mode and knowledge I want to share. Sheets trigger eye shut down.
Posted 04/24/2024 09:53 AM
When all the world is in turmoil, we have poetry.
Posted 04/24/2024 09:34 AM
Darrell Arnold:
I love the rhyming and the humor. I love escaping into a great book. I cannot relate with staying in bed to get it done. Somebody else's world. Not mine.
Posted 04/24/2024 08:47 AM
Wilda Morris:
I secede from the world for a week once in a while - by attending a poetry conference. I don't stay in bed with a book all day, but find time to read every day.
Posted 04/24/2024 08:10 AM
Larry Schug:
Some days I feel like that, but arising is such an adventure and this poem is part of that.
Posted 04/24/2024 07:48 AM
I wonder how many of us have ever made a conscious decision to follow the lead of this poem and for a day the world suppress?
Posted 04/24/2024 07:41 AM
Joan Luther:
Reading.ahhhhhh..what a dream. Wonderful poem
Posted 04/24/2024 07:05 AM

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