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During the Diet
Robert Currie


On boring evenings in the long hours before bed
I dream of the Toblerone bar that lies in the freezer

hidden at the back of the shelf behind the bag
of frozen peas where no one can see it.

Sometimes I swear I hear its low voice murmuring,
Mmm, chocolate, mmm, so good, and just for you.

Its cardboard container touched with frost, it shivers
and moans and longs for release. If the plastic bag

that holds the peas were by chance to spring a leak,  
that bar would boot pea after pea out of the bag

until at last there was room to make a break for freedom.
Then it would wait in wild anticipation for the freezer door

to open, and someone searching for a TV dinner
would spot it, a siren, slim and seductive, then

he’d reach in and bear it out, slide off the cardboard coat
and peel away its silver gown, finger its sleek figure,  

its delicious curves, ah yes, take me, please,
take me now, mouth open for the savory kiss.

Ah, but the bag that contains the peas
is impregnable, the door of the freezer

closed, the light off, the Toblerone bar
lost in darkness.  Invisible to searching eyes.

Except that I know exactly where it lies.

© by Robert Currie.
Used with the author's permission.

Robert Currie lives in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. He went to university to become a pharmacist, but admits his favorite class was a fourth year elective in creative writing. After two years working in a hospital pharmacy, Robert went back to college and became a teacher of English and a writer, eventually serving two terms as the Poet Laureate of Saskatchewan. He is a recipient of the Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Arts.  Robert is the author of thirteen books, most recently, Shimmers of Light: New and Selected Poems.




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Lori Levy:
Great poem about temptation!
Posted 04/25/2024 02:06 PM
Dave Margoshes:
Very cool, Bob - in all the meanings of the word.
Posted 04/25/2024 01:49 PM
Glen Sorestad:
What a well-wrought and fun-filled narrative poem, Robert. I enjoyed it immensely! I wonder how many hidden treats can be found in the average freezer?
Posted 04/25/2024 12:07 PM
What seductive treats are hidden in my freezer?
Posted 04/25/2024 11:23 AM
Wilda Morris:
I never heard of a "Toblerone bar" but the context makes it pretty clear. I'd be moving those peas so they didn't have to be booted out! Fun story, imaginatively told.
Posted 04/25/2024 10:36 AM
Leslie Hodge:
Love "the bar would boot pea after pea"!
Posted 04/25/2024 10:15 AM
Funny thing, I can hear that Toblerone bar murmuring from way over here at my house. I think I might give in to it.
Posted 04/25/2024 09:02 AM
Cathy’s Sister:
Such a fun, imaginative poem! Especially liked slide off the cardboard coat and peel away its silver gown!!
Posted 04/25/2024 08:28 AM
Larry Schug:
It's not easy to tell a story with complicated characters in a poem but you did it, Robert. Good job.
Posted 04/25/2024 08:16 AM

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