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Temperate Woman
Peggy Trojan


I am a temperate woman.
I cool my coffee with an ice cube,
take my water plain,
my steak medium rare,
set the thermostat at seventy.
I live in a temperate zone,
wear size average clothes,
let my ice cream melt a bit.
I go easy on the jalapeno,
hate shouting matches,
also dislike silence
with the cold shoulder.
Watch the speed limit,
use thrift sale finds,
drive a pre-owned Chevy.
Moderation is my motto
with one exception.

Don't show me tepid love.
I'll take that deluxe,
supersized, outrageous,
spicy, with a lifetime guarantee.

From All That Matters: Collected Poems 2010-2018 (2018).
Used here with permission.


Peggy Trojan, after a career of teaching English, retired to the north woods of Wisconsin. There, she and her husband, David, with the help of family, built a house next to a trout stream. Peggy stays busy writing and making jam from the raspberry patch she carefully and lovingly tends. Peggy is a member of the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets, and is the author of two full-length poetry collections and six chapbooks. Learn more about her here.



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great fun!
Posted 04/27/2024 12:27 AM
Love it in a moderated fashion. LOL Randy Mazie
Posted 04/26/2024 01:29 PM
Lori Levy:
Perfect ending!
Posted 04/26/2024 01:29 PM
Your decisive poem's message lets me get to know you Peggy and celebrate the person you are. And I fully agree - Love should not be tepid!
Posted 04/26/2024 11:33 AM
Yes, that love is All That Matters!
Posted 04/26/2024 09:33 AM
In July, my wife and I celebrate 65 years, if it lasts.
Posted 04/26/2024 09:11 AM
Angela Hoffman:
I relate Peggy!
Posted 04/26/2024 09:03 AM
Wilda Morris:
Posted 04/26/2024 07:47 AM
Larry Schug:
Me too!
Posted 04/26/2024 07:31 AM
Posted 04/26/2024 07:29 AM

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