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Your Daily Poem is selective about the poems we feature. Much of what we read doesn't have the right tone or focus for our subscribers, but some poems simply need more revision before they're ready for publication. Creating poetry that people enjoy is as much about editing as it is good writing. Here on Open Mic, you can upload your poems--in print, audio, or video format--and get feedback from real people to help you decide if your poem is ready for an audience or not. Maybe it still needs a few tweaks, maybe your meter's a bit off, or maybe your poem is great but you just need a little validation and encouragement. You can find help for all of that here; Open Mic participants tend to be kind, specific in their comments and advice, and very supportive.

We created the Open Mic page in the hope that it will be a valuable resource helping your poetry become the best that it can be. A gentle warning: if you have difficulty handling criticism or rejection, you should probably cross "writer" off your list of career options, because those things are to writers what seaweed is to Orkney sheep! But if you love writing poetry and truly want to share it, this is a great place to start. If you're too shy to go public or if you're an established poet looking for feedback on new work, feel free to post under a pseudonym. (Just remember that if people think your poem is fabulous, your alter-ego will get all the credit!)

Please be advised that YDP Open Mic content is monitored to assure family-friendly content. Poems not in compliance with the rules will be removed, and repeated posting of inappropriate or excessive poems will result in your submissions being blocked.

Rules for Poets
1. No profanity, crudeness, or hateful content.
2. Keep your entries to 50 lines or 3 minutes.
3. No more than one entry posted per week from any given e-mail address. If you post more than one poem, they will be deleted. If you repeatedly post more than one poem, you will be blocked from posting.

Rules for Reviews
1. You don't have to be an expert at poetry, English, or anything else to post a comment. The purpose of Open Mic is to let poets know if, and how, their words are impacting you.
2. Be honest, but kind. (Think Paula, not Simon.)
3. No profanity, crudeness, or hateful remarks.

Thanks for sharing your work; be sure to tell your friends about Open Mic! 



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