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In 2001, poet Jayne Jaudon Ferrer accepted a challenge from her brother and brother-in-law to prove there were poems these decidedly non-poetry fans would actually enjoy reading.

During National Poetry Month (April) that year, Jayne sent a daily e-mail to a small group of family and friends, calling it the "Poetry Parade." By the end of the 30-day onslaught, the two men grudgingly conceded that they had actually enjoyed many of the poems they'd read . Response to the poems was so positive, in fact, that the parade "spectators" asked Jayne to do another parade the following year. Thus began a tradition as, every April for the next 7 years, Jayne selected and e-mailed thirty days' worth of poems to a list that grew a little larger each year. While there were a few poets and poetry lovers on board, most on the list were people who thought poetry was a waste of time and signed up out of curiousity, indulgence, or the hope they could claim, "Booooooooring!" when it was all over. Instead, over the years, the skeptics grew more and more receptive as they discovered poems that were intriguing, entertaining, and downright fun. April after April, sharing the work of both classic and contemporary poets, Jayne proved irrefutably that poetry could be outrageous, inspiring, hilarious, heartbreaking, sobering, surprising, and anything but boring.

Your Daily Poem was born when an insistent group of Poetry Parade subscribers declared thirty days of poetry was not enough. They pleaded with Jayne to make the Parade a daily, rather than yearly, event. Leery of the time and expense of undertaking such a daunting project, but thrilled at the interest, Jayne launched in June 2009 with a single goal: to share the pleasure and diversity of poetry with those who are doubtful about its value.

Today YDP has thousands of subscribers and showcases work from poets all over the world. Certainly you will like some poems more than others, just as you like certain sports teams more than others, or different singers or bands more than others. This is because we all have different tastes, and this is what keeps life interesting. Your Daily Poem simply hopes to add a bit more interest to your life--in the form of poetry. We hope you'll spend time exploring the marvelous assortment of poems here, checking out the resources provided, and learning about poets and poetry events in your area. You might even decide to give a gift of poetry, which will benefit your recipient, this site, and the author of the poem you select (if he/she is a living poet).

Thank you for visiting; we hope you enjoy it.

Subscribers to Your Daily Poem receive a poem--via e-mail-- on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly (during April) basis, along with a bit of personal commentary from Jayne. There's no cost to subscribe, though donations are greatly appreciated, and we welcome your interaction and feedback through the comment box under each poem or on the Open Mic page.

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