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You Like Us! You Really Like Us!

We don't want to brag (okay, yeah, we do, actually), but we're thrilled with all the nice things people are saying about us. Your Daily Poem's goal is simple: we want you to make poetry a part of your life. Why? Because poetry will make your life better: bad mood to good in sixty seconds. Seriously. If you had a bad experience with poetry early in life, we're sorry. (Too many people do; we wish we knew how to stop that!) But we guarantee you'll find poetry you'll enjoy on this site. Are you going to like all the poems featured on YDP? No. But if you read every single poem here and not ONE makes you happy you read it, let us know and we'll give you your money back. Oh, wait. You didn't give us any money. (Want to?) 

The point is that if you declare you categorically hate poetry, you're missing out on something wonderful. But don't take our word for it; read what these folk have to say!

"I love YDP. It's a place where real poems live." - P. L.

"I don't know of any other site with your kind of following . . . they are almost like a religious congregation whose faith is in poetry, and if they like the homily, they don't hesitate to shout, 'Amen!'" - D. M.

"Have I told you how much I like your site?  Everything comprehensible without being corny.  It's a rarity." - R. G.

"YDP and a cup of coffee begin my day." - D.H.

"Thanks for this . . . which is so much better than a daily vitamin and more beneficial." - J.W.

"I find the daily poem so inspiring, I can't wait to receive the poems. It is the start to my day; thank you so much for this service. - M. M.

"You constantly keep us surprised with your range of insights and solid homework." - R. S.

"You have real people reading poetry and responding to it! How wonderful!" - J. M.

"[On my] side of the world, Internet is not something one can get so easily and cheaply. But every time I can access the Net, the first thing I do is go to the Your Daily Poem website, and have my 'chocolate' for the day." - H. K.

"Your Daily Poem is like taking vitamins for my spirit!" - W.M.

"The bright spot of my day, YDP!" L. L.

"I look forward to your choice of the day. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes cry, and sometimes say "yuk," but I know tomorrow will be another surprise. . .I had forgotten how much I loved poetry. . .Thank you so much." - L.S.

"You've introduced me to so many terrific poets and poetry over the months. I'm on two other daily poetry listserves, but this one's my favorite." - T.S.

"I love what you do for poets and I love reading the spectrum of words out there. Public domain, private thoughts, happy, sad, all are worthwhile and you take exquisite care with your thoughtful introductions. Go,!" - G.G.

"YDP is part of my regular morning routine. Make coffee, pull up YDP, sit back and enjoy!" - J.E.

"YDP is a wonderful site and so eclectic I never know what to expect." - D.M.

"Thanks for infusing the world with poetry." - J.T.

"Enjoying your site immensely, especially with your running of poems by deceased poets whose work I have not encountered since college." - D.M.

"One of the first things I do each day is read the featured poem. Sometimes I even read it before getting out of bed, on my Blackberry. A great way to start the day." - L.L.

"I love Your Daily Poem.  Gets me going in the morning." - D.F.

"Thank you for all the time, energy,and thought that goes into Your Daily Poem.  I never cease to wonder at the wide variety of poems and poets you share with us." - L.C.

"I can't wait to open up my email every morning.  Thank you so very much for doing this." - G.N.

"Your website is a feast..." - J.P.

"I've realized that I look for my YDP email as soon as I wake up every morning. I'M NOT SAYING I LOVE POETRY NOW! I'm just hooked on seeing what you've come up with for each day. Happy with yourself?" - A.B.

"A couple of months ago, I came across ..."Your Daily Poem." I've subscribed to lots of these kinds of websites and to be really honest, usually I follow them for a month or two, and then discontinue my subscription. The poems are too long or too obtuse or too hard for me to understand. (I'm a simple gal, a single mom, with a job, and two teenage boys, and two badly behaved labs and I don't have time for hard poetry). But this site is different. I love these poems and the little note that comes with them. I open the email pretty much every day. I read them, And savor them, and give them to my friends." - C.W.

"I am really enjoying the daily poems; they are so entirely accessible on a first reading, if one is feeling pushed in time, but also lovely on a re-reading, or sharing with someone else. I think I enjoy your preface as much as the poem itself." - J.S.

"Your Daily Poem" is becoming almost as important to me as my morning coffee!" - L.K.

"Every poem...has been earth-shaking and eye-opening!" - K.C.

"Thanks for your daily poems.  It's the third thing I do every morning." - B.D.

"Your idea to dispel the myth that poetry is "boring" by offering a venue to showcase good, entertaining, accessible poetry, both old and new, from a broad variety of poets, is perfect!" - K.P.

"I have greatly enjoyed Your Daily Poem. . . I particularly admire the great mix of contemporary and classic poems. . .and am grateful both for the recognition you've given poets I already love and for the new poets you've introduced me to." - D.V.

"I enjoy very much how you intermingle poets living and dead. One never knows what to expect and it's delightful." - D.M.

"Thank you most sincerely for such an enjoyable and inspirational site. Your site is really a joy, and I especially like that the archived poems remain for visitors to enjoy. " - K. A.

"Your mission is a fine one! Inspiring and well executed. It was a pleasure to discover your website..." C.R.

"A day without my "Daily Poem" is like a day without birds." - M.B.

"Keep them coming! I look forward to [the poems'] arrival each and every morning. This is a wonderful gift you are offering…" – L. M.

"Love the mission of your site!!!"  - D. A.

"Thank you for this great service and inspiration." – K. S.

"Thanks so much! We all need more poetry in our lives!" — T. P.

"Thank you, thank you for extending the poetry parade from 30 to 365!!" – J. B.

"I'm certainly looking forward to receiving some daily sunshine. Kudos for continuing your work toward a more literate world!" – G. M.

"I appreciate the information included about the poet as well as the poem. Thank you for your efforts." – P. B.

"Thanks…for the lovely surprises that appear in my inbox each morning…" – L. R.






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Contents of this web site and all original text and images therein are copyright © by Your Daily Poem. All rights reserved.
The material on this site may not be copied, reproduced, downloaded, distributed, transmitted, stored, altered, adapted,
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