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Zen Fishing and Other Southern Pleasures by Dorothy K. Fletcher
Zen Fishing and Other Southern Pleasures by Dorothy K. Fletcher

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Zen Fishing and Other Southern Pleasures is a collection of delightful essays and poignant poems that touch upon the wonderful aspects of living south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Mountains and beaches, old friends and new, childhood experiences and beyond--Zen Fishing takes the reader away from the stresses and distresses of the work-a-day world, and Dorothy K. Fletcher brings what really matters about life into clear focus, allowing the reader to feel peace.


Mimosa Breezes/ Ft. Worth, Texas


some lullabies

cannot be heard

are carried on breezes

settle like silent


mimosa pollen

on window sills

then with a sweep

of an oscillating fan


or the movement

of a gentle thought

across the room

a soft scent scatters


and Bluebonnet Circle

sparkles again

in hot summer nights

costume gaudy


green     yellow     neon

signs on the prairie

shimmering through windows

drug store      five and dime


Maude's Café

liven up dark neighborhoods

glitter in sleepy eyes

like rhinestone rings


on Mama's dresser

falling asleep on Papa's

shoulder so solid

like thick mimosa


branches that waited

outside for morning

for little girls to climb

settle in pink branches


breathe in memories

that quicken even now

whenever the wind blows

   and mimosa trees blossom





A Review of Zen Fishing and Other Southern Pleasures


Online Southern Magazine Dew on the Kudzu

“As you know, living in the South is not just about long, dusty back roads, hell-hot heat, and Leonard Skynyrd music. It is also about living in and about celebrating cool evening breezes, radiant beaches, and warm, inviting backyards. Is it any wonder that when contemplating such joyful places and things that a Zen-like state descends upon a person? Reading Zen Fishing and Other Southern Pleasures will certainly “put you in a mind” to feel good about life."

This is what Dorothy said to me that grabbed my interest right away in this book. It's so true, so many "Southern" things are simple, down-home, backyard pleasures with family and friends.

This is a book of short stories and poems, all based on the simple pleasures of life. When life seems too hard, take a moment to watch a butterfly, look at hoofprints in the cement on some odd corner, or remember words your grandpa said before he passed. Or simply just take your coffee out to the porch and watch the sun rise and world wake up.

This is a very pleasant book, and the short stories are great to read "on the go". Have just a minute before lunch ends? Read one story or a poem. For my busy life, this was a great way to read and not feel frustrated by loose ends hanging until I had time to finish.

It also reminded me to look for those bright clouds in my day.




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