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Psalms by Ralph Murre
Psalms by Ralph Murre
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Ralph Murre's chapbook contains at its core, one major poem broken into fifteen "psalms," or song-poems, paired up with fifteen of his pen-and-ink drawings. Don't let the biblical reference of the title put you too far off; Ralph says this book will likely offend the religious and the atheistic in equal measure. Full of sardonic humor and irreverent word play. Published by Little Eagle Press, 2008.


I may go back and build an ark, down by the lake,
in the city park where we barked so long ago, you & I;
build it to save mating pairs of military-industrialists,
realists and realtors, nihilists and meat-cutters, painters
of rainbows and flowers, builders of towers . . .
[Psalm II]

. . . The affable, laughable you and I climbing to a sky
of scaffolds on unapproved ladders, flattery
getting us everywhere we ought to avoid,
the void looming—booming sub-woofer void,
passing in the night frightful bass-line of void,
angels flying south in missing-man formations,
cuckoos flying over our nests' feathered foundations . . .

[Psalm VII]

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