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From Morro Bay to Baja
Jeanie Greensfelder


On Morro Bay’s Embarcadero, seals
and dogs bark at each other. Fishermen
unload and weigh their catch as gulls
converge on tossed salmon pieces.

Out on the wharf, I flirt with two youths
repairing a fifty-foot sailboat, planning
their trip to Mexico. When I admire
their progress, share my longing
to see Baja, they invite me to join them.

I head home on Highway One
to fix dinner for my husband, watch TV,
floss, brush, and go to bed.

I want adventure and I choose routine.

You never know about adventures?blue seas
day after day could bore me. Those cute guys
might want a cook or someone to scrub decks.

You never know about routines?at home,
after dinner I wash dishes? 

the sponge
floating on the water turns into a sailboat.
I nudge it toward shore, and I’m in the Baja.


From Marriage and Other Leaps of Faith, (Penciled In, 2015).
Used here with the author’s permission.

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Jeanie Greensfelder is a psychologist who seeks to understand herself and others on this shared journey filled, as Joseph Campbell said, with sorrowful joys and joyful sorrows. Jeanie grew up in St. Louis and now lives, with her husband Andy, on the central coast of California, where she volunteers as a bereavement counselor. Jeanie's poems have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies; learn more about her at



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Chris schulz:
Lovely Jeanie, a dish-washing meditation with a twist:)
Posted 02/24/2016 07:59 PM
Imagination is a wonderful thing. We can sail wherever we want- just see what it can do to the life of a sponge!
Posted 02/23/2016 11:27 AM
Perfect description of life-beautiful.
Posted 02/22/2016 08:54 PM

Posted 02/22/2016 08:54 PM
Quite an imagination.
Posted 02/22/2016 05:09 PM
Lori Levy:
Carries me away on its sailboat/sponge ride!
Posted 02/22/2016 01:38 PM
Ross Kightly:
Lovely switchback ride on an ethical/romantic fairground attraction! Wonderful.
Posted 02/22/2016 12:46 PM
That is wonderful! Thanks.
Posted 02/22/2016 09:46 AM
I really love this poem--especially the end lines. Janice
Posted 02/22/2016 08:56 AM
Posted 02/22/2016 08:20 AM

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