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Pilates in the Golden Years
Gail Fishman Gerwin


Pull your belly button

                      into your spine, assume

                                             dog facing down


Point your eyes toward the

                      window, lift one leg,

                                              now inhale, exhale,

                                                                     inhale, exhale,

                       huh    huh    huh   phoo   phoo,   phoo,

they’re all exhaling

                     while I lie prone,

                                            belly button touching

the cool mat, spine

                       curved, legs flat,

                                             dog craving water

From Sugar and Sand (Full Court Press, 2009)?
Used here with the author's permission.

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Gail Fishman Gerwin (1939 - 2016), a “Jersey girl” from birth who claims to have channeled Dorothy Parker and Sylvia Plath on occasion, authored three poetry collections: Crowns (Aldrich Press) was inspired in part by her four grandchildren; Sugar and Sand was a Paterson Poetry Prize finalist, and Dear Kinfolk (ChayaCairn Press) earned a Paterson Award for Literary Excellence. founder of the writing/editing firm Inedit, Gail was also the associate poetry editor for Tiferet and frequently participated in workshops and panels on the creative process. Learn more about her at

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Gail, am I correct, are you the Gail who was a year behind me at Goucher who several years ago sent me a copy of your play, Bella's Family? I still have the copy and have felt so guilty not to have followed through with it. I've been retired a few years. Should I pass this script onto the Artistic Director via the Managing Director or is there by chance a newer version? The Jewish Repertory Theatre, part of the Jewish Community Center of Greater Buffalo, is entering its 10th season. The JRT used to wander from one local theater to another but now has its own space within the JCC. Warm regards, Marcia Rashman Frankel, 716-688-5047
Posted 07/27/2012 04:48 PM
You go, girl!
Posted 09/13/2010 09:07 AM

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