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Just Maybe
Sharon Auberle

Some of it's magic, some of it's tragic,
but I had a good life all the way.
                                           ~Jimmy Buffett
on a dark winter's eve
Jimmy Buffett is the guy
to turn to when you're feeling old
and creaky and it would have been
your wedding anniversary
if your man was still alive
though you divorced long ago
and you just found out Ronnie –
another of your high school class
people has died – that tall slim  
always smiling guy gone now
and there aren't so many
of you left anymore and today
you heard of a woman
who discovered her cure for loneliness
now that she's a widow though
you're hoping you'll never need
a low slung dog named Beverly
to warm the icy sheets – and tonight
you talked to your oldest friend
in the world – the one who knew you
pigtailed      skinny      nearsighted
and you've been friends ever since  
and she's the only one left
who's been there through it all –
the magic and the tragic
and Jimmy Buffett is as old as you
slowing some and perhaps creaky too
and even down there in Margaritaville
nights are getting colder
but Jimmy still makes you want to dance
and believe that just maybe
somewhere up in those
bright stars Ronnie and your ex
are having a beer together
and laughing crazy like they always did

© by Sharon Auberle.
Used with the author’s permission.


Photo by Len Villano

Sharon Auberle is a poet and photographer who lives in Door County, Wisconsin.  Author of six poetry collections, her work has appeared in numerous publications and on-line magazines, as well as a variety of anthologies. Sharon served as Poet Laureate of Door County from 2017- 2019; her latest book is Dovetail, a poetry/sketch collaboration with poet and artist Jeanie Tomasko, which won the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets Annual Chapbook Prize. Sharon’s earlier years of living in the spare landscapes of the Southwest, and now surrounded by  Northern woods and waters, along with interests in Zen, music, and photography, provide her with endless inspiration.



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Excellent, Sharon. I love the heart and soul of this.
Posted 01/14/2014 01:32 PM
Thank God for friends who "remember us when", for Jimmy, and for you ~ Judy
Posted 01/12/2014 04:55 PM
Missed this yesterday and as always I enjoy your poetry so much. Thanks for a terrific poem
Posted 01/12/2014 01:16 PM
Stephen Anderson:
A real beauty, Sharon.
Posted 01/11/2014 09:28 PM
Oh man I loved that poem, Sharon. I'm gonna share it immediately with my oldest friend, the one who has been there through it all. Kathy Rogers
Posted 01/11/2014 07:44 PM
Mary Lou Taylor:
This poem touched a chord. Jimmy B. goes with us on every trip, and now I have a poem to treasure, too.
Posted 01/11/2014 06:13 PM
Touched me in a very deep way. It was magic and tragic!
Posted 01/11/2014 03:39 PM
Laughed aloud at the low slung dog named Beverly, nodded over the guys sharing a beer and laughing. Good one.
Posted 01/11/2014 02:47 PM
Keep dancing, Sharon! And writing good poems like this one. Phyllis
Posted 01/11/2014 12:42 PM
thanks so much to all, and yes, mgmatzek, feel free to post on your blog..Sharon A.
Posted 01/11/2014 11:35 AM
wendy morton:
Such a great poem on aging and loss. All this humor and heart.
Posted 01/11/2014 11:10 AM
Loved this. It is just where I am right now. Can I blog this poem on my blog and of course give you credit and a lead to the daily poem site where it can be purchased?
Posted 01/11/2014 10:19 AM
What a pleasure to begin the day with a Sharon Auberle poem. I really identify with this one. Not easy to write about aging. Keep singing and dancing and please keep the poems coming! Donna Hilbert
Posted 01/11/2014 10:03 AM
Lynn Mae:
"it would have been your wedding anniversary if your man was still alive though you divorced long ago" lovely twist on this one. Cheers
Posted 01/11/2014 09:28 AM
Ralph Murre:
Well, I'm no Beverly, but I AM a fairly low-slung old dog. Terrific poem.
Posted 01/11/2014 08:29 AM
Larry Schug:
Maybe they're eating a cheese burger in Paradise! Nice poem; I can relate.
Posted 01/11/2014 07:57 AM
Wonderful, wonderful. Cheers, Mandi
Posted 01/11/2014 07:54 AM
Another great one, Sharon. Hope you have a wonderful NewYear! ~~Doris
Posted 01/11/2014 06:50 AM
You work your magic, Sharon, in this poem. I was right there with you!
Posted 01/11/2014 06:31 AM
Maryann Hurtt:
Aahhhhh, the maybes of life. Thanks, Sharon.
Posted 01/11/2014 06:13 AM
Gary Busha:
Posted 01/11/2014 05:53 AM

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