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Mark Farley

Wide awake at 5 AM
And lo, the Brain is ticking
In the mind, a keyboard taps
And a mouse is clicking
Brain is doing overtime
It makes me want to weep
The Brain is up and wants to work
When I just want to sleep
Go to bed, you stupid Brain
Rest your weary head
You've been working through the night
While Body is in bed.

© by Mark Farley. 
Used with the author's permission




Mark Farley was raised in Africa, where he enjoyed a childhood spent running wild and barefoot in sunny scrubland. He now lives in Swindon, U.K., dividing his time between web page development, freelance writing, and opera singing. The call of Africa, however, is never far away. Mark blogs his light-hearted creative writing at



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I love this. It captures exactly how I feel.
Posted 07/29/2015 01:59 PM
Ha! At least I'm not the only one! Gave me a good chuckle - l shall inform brain next time it the poem
Posted 07/10/2015 01:23 AM
Love this! I'm not troubled with insomnia but have a friend who is. Love the clever rhyme and whimsical sleepless story.
Posted 07/09/2015 04:27 PM
I have many bad nights, but seem to have good company. Sincere thanks Mark Farley for this bit of good humour.
Posted 07/09/2015 11:59 AM
I was up last night as well,- 3 am and brain burning brighter than during the day. Finally wrote a poem about it. Haven't looked yet, but not as well done as this one, I'm sure! Loved it ~ perfect timing!
Posted 07/09/2015 11:52 AM
And I just had a very bad night!
Posted 07/09/2015 08:33 AM
Posted 07/09/2015 08:31 AM
Oh yes, been there. Good poem; I can't drink caffeine after 11 a.m. now, or I have that result of being awake most of the night.
Posted 07/09/2015 07:29 AM
Fun reading at 8:00am. I'm quite often reading in wee hours. Like Janet. Want to memorize this one.
Posted 07/09/2015 07:05 AM
Same for me, Janet! It's good to have a light-hearted look at it. My thanks, too, Mark.
Posted 07/09/2015 06:37 AM
Janet Leahy:
Interesting to read "Insomnia" when I am up at 2:30 a.m. An opera singing poet, great combination! Thanks Mark
Posted 07/09/2015 02:45 AM

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